Relationships: When Your Marriage Proposal Is Turned Down

It's a common occurrence to find the marriage proposal of brothers that feel genuinely convinced about sisters rejected. It's important to note the following;

1. You can't force any sister to marry you. If they are not seeing what you are seeing, let them go. Marriage partner is by choice, not by force. Don't put pressure on any sister. It's a marriage proposal. It can either be accepted or rejected.

2. The confirmation from the sister is as important as the revelation and inspiration behind your intention. No matter the level of revelation you've seen, if the sister does not confirm it by accepting your proposal, forget it.  Go and pray again.

3. The rejection of your proposal does not mean you should declare war on the sister .... She is not your enemy. But that doesn't mean you should put yourself in a situation where you are unable to move on. Have a clean break and move on with your life.

4. God is never short of daughters that can be your wife ... Remember the proud Vashti was replaced by the favoured Esther.
5. Don't allow somebody's rejection of you to destroy your self esteem and confidence. You are a good man deserving of a good woman.

6. If God wants you to stay on her matter, keep praying about her. There could be a distraction blocking your chances. If not, start your prayers afresh for another provision. But don't be desperate.

7. The reason they rejected you is because they didn't deserve you. Pray for someone more worthy, that will love and accept you.

8. Don't beg any lady to marry you, if you succeed in doing so, you'll beg her to stay, and love you in marriage. Don't make anyone feel they are doing you a favor choosing to marry you.

9. Examine your life in case there is anything to improve you don't meet another disappointment.

10. Respect her decision as a gentleman. That you propose to a lady does not automatically mean you must get a YES.

Something wonderful will eventually happened. Just put all your trust in God.

Author Unknown

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