Relationships And Marriage: All Said And Done, Just Marry Your Best Friend!

Marriage is too long for you to be miserable in it. If you marry at 25,  you still have about 75 whooping years to spend in marriage!
I will rather spend those years having fun than weep,  regret and be completely miserable. If you miss it in marriage,  you will be miserable for the rest of your life!

You must marry your best friend if you must be happy in marriage! Your partner whom you will spend your entire life with should be your padi of life!

Marry a man you can be yourself around. Marry a woman you can laugh with.
Apostle Pride Sibiya and Anna Tendayi Chiweshe Sibiya
Marry a man who understands how you tick,  marry the woman who knows the melody in your heart and sing it along with you.

Everyone faces pressure. Every one faces challenges. In the right marriage you attack the problem not each other and victory comes easy and fast.

In the wrong marriage,  you attack each other and the problems tear you apart instead of bring you closer!

Marriage is nothing short of bliss when you are married to your lover,  your best friend,  your soul mate,  your chit-chat partner!

It is wow! It is heaven on earth,  it is bliss!

May you find your soul mate!

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele,  2019.

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