Pastors' Must Read: The Burden Of The Genuine Preacher

After he preached, money was dropped all over the pulpit. Some people were removing their gold necklaces and wrist watches and were dropping on the pulpit. Some removed their SIM cards and dropped their expensive phones.

Another man of God came to preach to the same people. The same people who dropped their car keys ran back home and brought out their juju and charms and surrendered to the altar. And were crying to God for mercy. Some brought the guns and masks they use for arm robbery. While some brought out their phones in front of the church and were destroying their SIM cards which they used to dupe people. You could hear adults crying like babies. Begging God for mercy.

What did the first preacher preach that made them ran back home to bring their money and didn't make them drop their charms?

The difference is in the burden of the preacher.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
How can we see the people who are trooping to hell. Their prayer lives are dead.
And all that we are after is their landed properties and car keys? To me, nothing is wrong with people coming to give offering when a preacher is preaching. But Lord, help my life. I don't want to join those that are entertaining this generation to perdition. If people hear me and drop their money without dropping their charms, it means I have failed.

Man of God, this month, Ask God to give you fresh burden for the lost. If you can, cry to Him to impact you once again with the passion for souls. If not, people will look for you and will not see you. You may be all over social media , television, billboards, radio etc.

Yet people that use to know you will start asking where you are? The reason so many Pastors have gone to bow to mami water for power to grow their ministry is because God's grace have left them. They started very well. But along the line, they started making merchandise with the anointing. God lifted His Hands from them and they became shadows of themselves. Instead of them to cry back to God for realignment, they went down to Egypt for help, So as to maintain their crowd and their  fame.

Today, forget the laughter on their faces. They are in trouble. Without fleets of cars and crowd in your church, you are still better than them.

There is an Angel wearing my face to tell you this now.
This minth, go back to where you dropped your burden for souls...
Go back to those days when you use to pray and groan in Gods presence before the program for God to give you souls as you go to preach.
Remember the days when you use to celebrate anytime sinners were running out to surrender to Christ..

Go back to those days, sir. Money will come. But let's not lose what money cannot buy while looking for money. Tell your host to make arrangements before inviting you to preach. Let them not mount pressure on you to raise funds to cover the hotel bills and recover publicity cost.

This is a generation that packs sinners in crusades and start raising funds from them without leading them to Christ. A generation that organizes revival meetings where no one receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit. No one was reconciled to Christ. Yet, everyone sowed dangerous financial seeds.

And we don't care. God is about to move in the land. He is about to silence many who are using Him to rob people and to give volumes to voices of men who have been carrying His burden genuinely....
If you are accepting preaching engagements this year, let it be for God to use you to reconcile people back to Him...
If not, you are declaring to heaven that you are no more useful in this on going end time revival and global harvest ...
May God not raise another man to do what He anointed us to do for Him...
In Jesus Name I pray.
(c) Unknown

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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