Must Read: Men-To-Men Talk Concerning Loving Our Wives

1. Love your wife no matter what.
2. Once in a month date her outside the house as if shes your new girlfriend.
3. Once in a month surprise her with a gift. No matter how cheap, she appreciates it.
4. Once in a month wake her up in the middle of the night to appreciate her and tell her how lucky you are to have her (You can even wake her to tell her you just want to say "I LOVE YOU", this will never go off her mind easily).
By Peter Mwiinga Jalaata

5. At Least once in a week especially during weekend, help her prepare meal,be with her as she cook,she appreciates your presence more than anything
6. Frequent love text message to her phone makes her go "ga ga"
7. Every year, renew your marriage vow with her in the bedroom, your children can be present and you hold a family feast. She doesn't forget it and will always pray that day comes again next year
8. Always talk about your wife when you are in the midst of friends especially the female ones, so they know you care and love her,to avoid unnecessary show off by them which can attract your attention
Loving Couple
9. Buy her sexy bedroom wears, which you know will always arouse your feelings when she puts it on.
10. Try to bathe with her frequently.
11. Daily family prayer or bedroom prayer both day and night is very important.
12. Playing games with her maybe hide and seek,ludo,watching movies especially love films etc is necessary as it as it increases the love.
13. Have family meeting with her and your entire household every weekend especially when your children is upto 10yrs and above.
14. Taking the family out to an eatery isn't a sin at least once in 3 months.
15. Never tell your wife's fault to friends, rather call her to order but if no changes, your pastor or Rev. Fr is there.
16. Drink responsibly. Drinking all the alcohol you want in the house is much more respectful than outside so you don't show the act of irresponsibility to the public
17. See it as a taboo to beat your wife. Beating is never the best way to correct her
18. Try always to satisfy her sexual feelings because she deserves it
19. If you can cook,having a soup cooking competition is a nice game
20. Always be funny,so she misses you the more whenever you are not with her.

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