Men's Million Dollar Question: Is She The One For Me? Answered!

Ah, men often get confused when it comes to finding their missing rib. You don't need to go poking every lady's side to see if her rib matches yours. Here are the clean clear sign you've finally found your Eve if she displays these qualities:

1. SHE LIKES YOU. She may hide it initially though. No woman likes to appear cheap but as your friendship deepens, you notices she likes you A LOT.

2. SHE'S FOND OF YOU. She easily picks you out from the crowd of  a million men and fixes her attention on you.

3. SHE ADMIRES YOU. She sees you like her mentor, father and brother. She looks up to you.

4. SHE RESPECTS YOU. Your words count in her ears and she holds unto them. She values your advice and takes to correction.

5. SHE CREATES TIME FOR YOU: She likes to hangout with you, date you and be in your company.

6. SHE MAKES SACRIFICES FOR YOU. When a woman loves a man, she will go out of her way to please him and make him happy.

7. SHE CARES ABOUT YOU. Your welfare is on top of her list. She likes to see you well, happy and healthy.
Ini Edo
8. SHE IS GENEROUS. She contributes whatever she has to your success.

9. SHE PRAYS FOR YOU: Deeply from the depth of her heart, she wants you to succeed so she always present you to God in prayer.

10. SHE IGNORES OTHER MEN. She doesn't even notice them or care whether they exist.

11. SHE IS HONEST WITH YOU. Women don't share their hearts with every man they see on the street. If she opens her heart to you and tells you a lot about herself, she must really like you a lot.

12. SHE LIKES TO FEED YOU: When a woman loves a man, her motherly instinct unconsciously jeers into action. She suddenly enjoys cooking and really likes to feed you.

13. SHE IS JEALOUS: This is a healthy one. She suddenly gets insecure each time she sees a lady trying to flirt with you or "steal" you from her.

14. YOU LOVE HER TOO: Love is mutual. You love her like crazy and feels same way for her.

15. YOU LOOK MORE HANDSOME: You radiate happiness and peace. You begin to take care of your looks and you suddenly notice ladies are showing interest in you.

17. YOU ARE AT PEACE WITH HER: Her thought, presence, actions, past, present and future gives you peace.

18: YOU ARE BOTH COMPATIBLE socially, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Your future agrees (Amos 3:3).

19. THE REVELATIONS YOU HAVE ABOUT HER ARE POSITIVE and agree with your feelings for her. Everything you see about her portray her as your bride.

20. YOU CAN'T DO WITHOUT HER. Then what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and propose to her before...well, before rapture takes place.

So there you are bro! Go look for a good engagement ring and present your proposal to your darling Cinderella. Don't forget to send me your wedding I.V. though *winks.*
© Seun Oladele (A Re-post; edited).

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