Men Only: Time To Focus On The Main Thing!

Last Wednesday night, I was online chatting with a young man. He needed my counsel on a marital issue which I believe a lot of today's men are a victim of and they ought to be told the truth. He told me that he has found the Lady he would want to marry but their is an issue. He said he had prayed about the choice of this Lady and God told him to go ahead.

He had been friend with her for about two years. He likes everything about her but this little part of her means a lot to him. He likes everything about her except this thing. He said alot of things about this wonderful lady. I was already liking the Lady he was describing to me until he introduced the "but" of this lady into our discussion.

He said...Pastor, I love this lady and I want to marry her, but she is short... Pastor, I like to marry a tall lady. I have always dreamt of having a lady with "stature".


Young man you have found the Will of God yet you are telling God that her structure is more important than her treasure? You value what ageing can negatively affect over what last for a life time. See, one of the reasons why a lot of ladies are unmarried is because REAL MEN are scarce. Men who know what they want but won't go for it due to reasons best known to them.

A lot of today's men want to marry Beauty Queens, ladies with "Hot Bodies " and ladies who are near being river goddess. They want exceptionally beautiful ladies who are naturally endowed sexually. So they keep on their search for such a mysterious lady to appear from cosmos. Some would say that the reason why they don't want to marry a Lady is because....

She is too short or too tall
Her breast is not big
She doesn't have wide buttock
I don't like her nose
Her hair is short
She doesn't have kissable lips
Her lips are too dark
Beautiful woman
Stop this game my uncle; go and get married to whom God has ordained for you. You are not getting younger. Stop this quest for physical things over character and competence. You have found her, yet you are looking for someone else. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WHAT IS NOT LOST?

Go and get married!

The character of a lady is far important than her structure. Structures are good and I also I'm impressed when I see such. But today I deeply know the worth of a good character wife. It is character you will live with when structure doesn't impress you again.

Let me tell you, no matter how classic the structure of the lady is, there is going to be a point when you won't be interested in her structure again. At such time, it is the solid character that makes you pleased with her.

The brain of a lady is far important than her breast. The wideness of a lady's vision is far important than the wideness of her buttock. Big breast doesn't make her a good wife. Short legs doesn't make her less human.

 What is the value of a wife who has big breasts but cannot give you wish counsel to run your vision or career?

What is the worth of a tall wife who cannot talk with wisdom?

What is the place of a beautiful wife who gives you sleepless nights because she earns far more than you do?

Please be real and wise.

Who you choose to marry is a foundational issue which must be done with patience and wisdom.

When the plumbing system of a house is faulty, it is possible to get it fixed quickly and without noise.

When the roof of a house is bad, it is possible to get it fixed quickly and without noise.


When the foundation of the house is bad, it is almost impossible to correct it wouldn't bringing the whole house down.

When you focus on what she has, what you think she lacks would no longer be important.

Men, please stop comparing her with your friends lover or the ladies you watch on TV.

Don't marry a lady whose best and only asset is her ass or bust.

Choose a lady whose skill and knowledge can never finish.

I mean real life skills and knowledge, not bed time skill or knowledge. Marriage is far more than having a wife who is a sex pro. A wife that is good in the bedroom is good but a wife that is good in the boardroom is best. What can she deliever in the boardroom?

May you not marry a river goddess because you ignored a good character lady.

God bless you.



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