Marriage And Friends: 3 Destructive Friends To Your Marriage.

Friends play an important role in our relationships as they can make or break our marriages.
Some friends are dangerous as they hurt our romantic relationships. These are the kind of friends you must avoid by all means if you want to be happy. 
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1. Those who talk negatively about your spouse
There are boundaries in every friendship. A good friend will never talk ill about your marriage. She or he will stick to his or her lane. A good friend is one who encourages you to stand strong all the time and not try to separate you at the end of the day. Never walk with someone who gossips about your spouse.

2. Those who are always trying to put you against your family
You deserve a good friend for your marriage to last. Never waste time on someone who wants to cause disagreements between you and your partner. You need a caring and loving friend if you want your marriage to thrive. Friends who do anything that can hurt your marriage should be avoided like a plague.

3. Those who hate marriage
A friend who hates your marriage is not worth your time. You need a true friend. He or she must respect your relationship all the time. Never spend time with a friend who will want to bring you down in the long run.

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