Ladies Should Understand The Clitoris

The Clitoris is the key to satisfying a woman since it was made solely for that purpose, without fully understanding stand how it works, it will be difficult to make a woman orgasm.
We all know that the orgasm is elusive for many women with statistics claiming that 35% of women never get to experience an orgasm. A woman's clitoris is the secret key to unlocking her sexual pleasure . In fact, the clitoris' sole purpose is your pleasure, but what else do we know about it? This powerful female sex organ near a woman's vagina. Let me share with you something about the clitoris.

It's As Big As A Penis
Did you know that the clitoris, as a whole, is as large as a penis? Yes, you read that right. Your erectile tissues (and their valved capillaries) spread out over a larger area than his.

It Never Ages
We all know that women can orgasm multiple times without a refractory period, but despite any wear and tear, your clitoris never ages. Once it is mature, the clitoris remains at the peak of its power for the rest of a woman's life. That means, you'll have the same orgasmic capacity (and many swear increasing pleasure, too) at 95 years old as you did when you were a teenager.
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It Has More Nerve Endings Than You Think
We all know the clitoris is sensitive (way more sensitive than other regions of your vagina), but did you know that it has about 8,000 nerve endings? That's twice as many as there are in the glans of a penis, and more than in your fingertips, lips or tongue.

Your Brain And Your Clitoris
But did you know what triggers a woman's orgasms are nerves that originate in at least six different tissues? Yes, nerve impulses from the clitoris build in your brain to achieve orgasm. Different women have different active nerve pathways. There is a woman who claims she got sexual pleasure from her feet being rubbed.

Similarity to the penis…
The clitoris and the penis are somewhat mirror images of each other, just organized differently, In fact, up until two weeks of pregnancy, all embryos appear to be female. It’s not until week eight of gestation that testosterone kicks in and Ththe penis starts to form. None of these parts disappear, they just get rearranged,

…It even gets erect
When we talk about erection, we can’t just talk about the penis, We have to talk about the clitoris. Sure, it might be less noticeable for women, but it can definitely be observed and felt. There are bulbs that become engorged with blood during arousal. The blood is then trapped here until released via orgasmic spasms.

Size doesn’t matter
Like men, women can get self-conscious about their sexy parts. But guess what? Just like penises, clits come in all shapes and sizes. And size doesn’t matter for either.  Think of it this way: since the brain is your main sex organ, the genitals are simply the receptors of pleasure. It has to do with visual, tactile, and oral stimulation, rather that the actual size of the clit. So while glans may vary from woman to woman, this shouldn’t affect the pleasure-potential.

It can grow with age
Although the size of your clitoris doesn’t impact your sex life, don’t be surprised if it changes dimensions over your lifetime, due to a change in hormone levels after menopause, the clit may enlarge for many women. So if you notice some differences in the size of your lady parts over time, don’t be alarmed.
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