Is This Love Or Just Lust? Apostle Speaks

Discern...does the person love me or my or my sitters! Check a part of my book:
There is always a discussion on love and infatuation. There is a thin line in-between the two aspects and usually people confuse the one for the other.

While love can be defined, by me, as tender affection for the whole person, for the good of both you and that person, infatuation is an obsession, fascination on selfish, egoistic and egocentric carnal needs. Now, every normal person has carnal, sensual and sexual needs but the difference is the starting point of both love and infatuation. Love says, for example, “I like this person therefore will look for ways to please them and in the process fulfill our marital vows in enjoying sex together,” while infatuation says, “I’ve never seen such big breasts, curly hips, good sitters  and awesome legs. I just need to get at them or else I will die. If she gets pregnant, I will see if I can marry her!” The lady will say, “how can I resist sleeping with the guy, he is so loving and caring, so wonderful and gives me attention?”
Apostle Pride and Pastor Anna Sibiya

Love is concerned about the welfare of the other person, infatuation seeks how to satisfy self, and then leave the other person. Amnon once lusted after his own sister to the point he became “sick”with lust. He felt he could not live any longer without having sex with her and yet after the act he hated her (1 Samuel 13:1-19).

Let me conclude by saying, while the first thing that brings you to a person are the attributes around them, we should learn to go beyond lust and infatuation to real love.

Let's Talk about Sex Babe by Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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