8 Habits That Will Make You Poor Forever

There are habits you can develop that will make you poor forever. I am one of the many people who had developed eight habits that almost destroyed my life. If you want to remain poor and desperate forever, try the following habits.

1 Sleeping early and waking up late
Poor people sleep early and wake up late. Statistics from a popular researcher in USA showed that nearly 90% of the poor people sleep between 7pm and 9pm and wake up between 6am and 9am while rich people sleep earliest 9pm and wake up latest 6am.

In life, the more time you dedicate into your work, the higher the chances of getting optimum results.

Poor people don’t see the value of putting more time into their work, they simply work under instructions.

2 Take a lot of alcohol daily and other hard drugs
The worst mistake you can make is to start swimming into alcohol. You will eventually become an addict, thus affecting your output.

If you want to be rich, you must have specific time you take alcohol and the limit set.
3 Keep lazy friends
Your friends will determine how far you’ll get in life because your thoughts and your friends thoughts are almost similar. If you have lazy friends, friends with little ambitions, the only thing you can achieve in life is breathing.

4 Marry and have many children when you have nothing
If you’re born by poor parents, the best thing to do to your life is not to marry when you have nothing or if you get married don’t have many children. It’s ironical that rich people have few children while poor children have several children.

When you give birth, that child will always look up to you for all the basic needs a human being needs. If you have 3 to 20 children, you will need several granaries of food to satisfy them. Nearly all your resources will be directed towards upkeep.

5 Spend too much time in school and college
Education should have limits. On this earth, no employer will pay you money enough to satisfy you even if you possess 30 degrees. Rich people have few academic papers because they know the value of being innovative as opposed to possessing many degrees. If you look around, you will hardly find a billionaire professor, why?!!

6 Avoiding risks
Most people always like to take safe routes, which is why they are poor. Great opportunities are hidden where risks are high. When you avoid taking risks, it means you have decided to settle for less.

7 Minding other people’s business
When you focus too much on other people’s affairs, you forget about your purpose in life.To succeed, you have to take time to plan, execute and see results. But if your work is to monitor what others are doing, you will achieve little.

8 Being an employee forever
Tell me how many employees are listed in top 1,000 wealthiest people on earth. There is no employer who will pay you more than they pay themselves.

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