4 Things Husbands And Wives Should Know About Their Spouses

1. Most men want their wives to know how much they really love them but most times they are too macho to express it or lack the ability to express it.

2. Men can stand not being shown affection but they can't stand to be disrespected or made to feel inadequate. Most times a man's anger is often a response to feelings of being disrespected by his wife.

3. Men care about their wives appearance. They really want to know that their wives are making effort to take care of themselves.
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4. When a man feels that his wife desires him sexually, it has a profound effect on the rest of his life. The flip side of this also carries a negative effect.


1. Women want to be valued than their husband's job. They want to be their husband's No 1 priority and to be treated as important as their top clients.

2. Women value time with their husbands much more than money or gifts though they need that too. Material goods cannot compensate for not seeing you.

3. Women appreciate when their efforts are acknowledged and commend by their husbands.

4. Women appreciate when husbands invest time and energy in the home activities.

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