15 Things Single Ladies Should Avoid

Who says falling in love isn’t fun? It is one of the most amazing feelings in a relationship, if not the only. However, some girls tend to mistake love for stupidity, hence do some things they should not do.

They fall in love with a guy and all of a sudden start acting foolishly and when questioned, they wave it off and say ‘things we do for love. Sister, wake up! Love isn’t meant to be blind, it is meant to bold and wise.

Well, not all single ladies are foolish. Some are an exception, homely, wise, and because they know some things do backfire, no matter how much in love they are, they will not do the following things;

1. Ask a guy out.

2. Dress naked to attract and/or keep that one man they love.
3. Wise girls will not love a married man and expect him to love them back.

4. Go out with a single man who is dating married women.

5. Act like they love a married man just because they want him to finance them.

6. Try to use pregnancy to make a man marry them.

7. Use sex as bait to keep a man who does not love them.

8. Continue in a relationship with a man they know has other women.

9. Fight their friends and family members who oppose their love affairs.

10. Go out with a man older than their father all in the name of love.

11. Cry their hearts out and go into ‘ghost mood’ because a boyfriend broke up with them.

12.  Nigerian ladies will not try to win the heart of a guy who is in love with someone else.

13. Date a married man and ask him to leave his wife for them.

14. Date and refuse to leave a man who abuses them physically and emotionally just because of love.

15. Marry a man they just met online or in person  and hardly know him.

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