Monday, 1 April 2019

Singles: Mapfekero Ako Anokoka Boaz Here Kana Bonde-z?

Genesis 38: 14-15, Bhaibheri rinoti Tamar akabvisa nguwo dzouchirikadzi ndokupfeka iye mbatya dzaiite kuti awonekwe sechi pfeve.

 Judah paaka muona haana kuziva kuti ichirikadzi akafunga kuti chipfeve. Kune imwe dressing yokuti Boaz anogona kutadza kuona kuti ava ndisister vekuroora pfungwa dzava ku bedroom.

Proverbs 31:25 shoko roti iro a woman of a noble character is clothed with dignity. According to the online dictionary dignity means the state of being worthy of respect. Is your dressing in a state worthy of respect.

When a brother looks at you can he respect you just by looking at your dressing. Is your dressing attracting him to be your soul mate or your sex mate.
Beautiful African smile
Uri kufamba kumberi kwa potential Boaz apa slit re skirt ririkuonesa chidya chese ichi pantie rangosara kuoneka by 2cm .... Chii chinotanga kufungwa nna potential Boaz marriage or tasting a little bit. Haa kutotaser obvious!

You are talking to a man the whole cleavage is being seen nipple chete ndorisiri kuwonekwa .... Chii chinofungwa na brother ava marriage or sex. You are very blessed in terms of shape wakaumbwa zvakanaka, ehe chipo chaMwari, but your dressing leaves every man turning his head wishing he could take you to bed.

Handina kuti pfeka zvakashata but you can still look good whilst dressed zviri decent.

2019 may your dressing attract a soul mate not just a se* mate. May your dressing attract a man that will take you to the wedding altar not the altar of sexual immorality
Remember courtship is not a time for intercourse but a time to interview ask questions know what you are getting yourself into....don't let  your dressing just shout sex sex sex to Boaz.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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