Marriage: 7 Statements You Must Never Say To Your Man

In many marriages today, quarrels and fights seem to be inevitable, inasmuch as they are avoidable.

Words are like swords that can pierce through the heart and leave scars for a very long time, so one ought to be careful of their choice of words.

These are some of those words a woman should never for any reason say to her husband:

1. “YOU’RE NOT MAN ENOUGH” A man’s ego is his biggest motivator and once that ego is gone, that man will lose every force in him to reach the heights he ought to. Telling your man he isn’t man enough will only kill his ego and masculinity, and those words will haunt him for a long time.

2. “MR X IS BETTER THAN YOU” It’s even worse to put him in competition with another man and make him feel inferior to another. Never let the heat of the moment make you something as terrible as this; no man wants to feel less than another man, not for any reason.
3. “I REGRET MARRYING YOU” Never let the heat of the moment make you say something as harsh and inconsiderate as this. You might not mean it, but those words will remain established in your man’s heart.

4. “YOU’RE SO WEAK” A man’s strength and confidence lie in the fact that he’s strong in character and otherwise, and he feels strong when a woman notices this. However, when his wife tells him that he’s a weak man, those words will make him feel terrible and kill his confidence.

Don’t let a mere argument let these words come out of your mouth. You should be your husband’s strength and not his weakness.

5. “YOU’RE PATHETIC” A lot of women resort to name calling and say so many stupid things to their husbands when they have a fight. How then do you expect that same man to love you and treat you right? You can’t plant orange seeds and expect a banana tree.

6. NEVER UNDERMINE HIS PAST DEEDS A lot of women try to score points during an argument with their husbands by undermining the man’s efforts and criticising the things he did in the past.

This is a very wrong thing to do. Going back to undermine and under-appreciate the things he had done in the past will make him do nothing in future.

7. “MY MOTHER WARNED ME AGAINST YOU” Never bring your parents into an argument with your partner, and saying something as hurtful as this will kill almost any man to his bones. He’d never forget.
These words might seem ordinary, but they’ll leave deep scars in your man’s heart and if you are a wise woman, you’d never thread this path.

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