Love Wisdom: 12 Kinds Of People You May Date!

1. Date someone who pays attention to you. Someone who looks you in the eyes when you speak instead of down at his phone.

Someone who messages you first and grabs your hand during dates. Someone who remembers the little things about you because he actually gives a damn.

By Kenryz A Ayuku
2. Date someone who commits to you. Someone who deletes his Tinder account after your first date. Someone who deletes exes from his contact list because he doesn’t need them as booty calls anymore.

3. Date someone who encourages you to embrace who you really are inside. Someone who likes you just the way you are and never pushes you to change.

4. Date someone who has fun when they are with you.

5. Date someone who takes care of you.
6. Date someone who handles conflict with maturity. Someone who treats you with respect.

7. Date someone who is proud to be seen with you. Someone who introduces you to his parents, cousins, and grandparents.

8. Date Someone who knows how to cook and helps out with the cleaning.

9. Date Someone who never holds back around you, because he trusts you, because he feels safe around you.
10. Date someone who compliments you. Someone who makes you feel confident, even when you are wearing jeans and a hoodie. Someone who looks at you like you are the most beautiful girl in any room. Someone who can’t keep his hands off of you.

11. Date someone who gets you excited about the future. Someone you are eager to live with. Someone you can’t wait to marry. Someone you are expecting to spend a lifetime alongside.

12. Date someone who loves you. Someone who feels as strongly about you as you feel about him. Someone who doesn’t want to live life without you. Someone who considers you his forever.

A man that fears God is the man that you should date ... Agirl that fears God is a prized commodity!


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