Love and Marriage: 4 Things Women Do That Can Make Marriage Hard

A marriage should be a union of love and affection. There should be happiness and peace. However, this is not the case in most marriages. 

This is because partners do things that end up destroying their marriages. There are various ways in which women ruin their marriages, sometimes without even knowing it.

Here are four things women do that can destroy their marriages.

1. Use of destructive words: Most marriages are failing due to the use of hurting and destructive words. Cases of some women demeaning, belittling and shaming their men are on the increase in our society. Notably, the damage inflicted by such utterances cannot be solved by saying sorry. Verbal abuse makes husbands give up on the relationship.
2. Use of sarcastic gestures, facial expressions, and statements: This conveys the message that you do not respect your husband or his opinions. Destructive criticism towards men tends to hurt their ego, causing them to lose the affection they had for you. As a result, the man will seek approval and kindness elsewhere.

3. Denying affection and sex: This has the detrimental effect of igniting a rift in a marriage. When a woman denies a man this need, the man will interpret to mean that she does not care about his needs. In the end, the man seeks what is missing in the marriage elsewhere, tearing the marriage apart.
4. Showing disrespect to insight, advice, and opinions: When a woman does not value insight, advice, and opinions offered by their partners, it is a clear indication that there is no respect in the relationship. In a marriage listening to your partner’s opinions, advice and insight are paramount to achieving happiness and peace.

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