Apostle Chipo Vutabgashe: Making Cell-Groups More Interesting

There are things we should do so that people do not end up saying, “Homegroups are boring.” Homegroups must be interesting. 

That is why we want them to be interesting, fun and captivating.
So how do you make home groups interesting?

By Pastor Chipo Vutabgashe

1. Involve many people in planning and implementation: As long as you involve many people, Homegroups will increase the participants. If you are all participating, it brings excitement that you have achieved things together.

Everyone must participate for Homegroups to be exciting. Make sure you also involve the children too. Everyone should participate so that they feel that they are part of the Homegroup. Even giving each individual 5 minutes just to preach in the Homegroup will make the Homegroup exciting. Homegroups are not a place to have only one person preaching every week.

Homegroup leaders should give others a chance. You will be surprised to see another person preach just as Apostle does it.

Apostle Chipo Vutabgashe
2. Don’t exclude people without money: If you are having an activity that involves contributing money, make sure you involve even those without the money. Do not leave out those who do not have. You are a family. Do it together! You must enjoy, even with that small amount of money. In the early church, we are told no one lacked.
That does not mean everyone had money but those with money shared with those without money.

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