Women's Health: 6 Causes Of Late Periods

Having a late period could be scary for most ladies not planning to have a baby but late periods aren’t always caused by pregnancy. 

There are other factors that can cause a late period besides pregnancy. Find them out below:

1. STRESS: Don’t rule out stress if your period comes late as stress can cause a late period. The hypothalamus in the brain is where a lot of the hormones for your period are regulated and the hypothalamus can be affected by stress hence causing you to have a late period.

2. RAPID WEIGHT LOSS OR GAIN: Rapid weight loss or gain can delay or cease menstruation. When you gain weight or loss weight rapidly, it could stress your body’s vital organs hence causing you to have a late period.
3. THYROID IRREGULARITY: Having a thyroid imbalance whether it’s hypo- or hyperthyroidism can affect your period and cause you to have a late period.

4. BIRTH CONTROL: A late period can be a harmless side effect of using birth control pills. When you stop using birth control, it can also take some time for your period to come back.

5. EXCESSIVE EXERCISE: Exercising is good for the body but excessive exercise forces the body to protect itself, and preventing ovulation can be a by-product of that phenomenon. So your late period can be as a result of excessive exercise.
6. SICK OR INJURED: Being sick or injured can cause late periods but your body will ovulate when it feels you are healthy again.

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