The Law Of Sacrifice: Move to The Next Level!

Greetings. I first encountered this law back then in the 90s. I felt the Church so needed revival and would pray for a few minutes for this before rushing off to watch my favourite TV show, Parrafin. At this juncture of my life I had nothing of my own. In response to my short prayers God said, "without sacrifice there can never be revival." Leaving that TV show was really a sacrifice then but had to do so for revival.
By Apostle Pride Sibiya
The law of sacrifice states that: "in order to move to the next dimension, you must sacrifice!"
-to move to the dimension of getting a degree you have to spend some sleepless nights
-to buy a nice house you need to save and sacrifice certain pleasantries
-to become a doctor you will have to study in a sacrificial way
-to cast out certain demons you have to sacrifice food in fasting.
-to slim or to have a six-pack you have to sacrifice and be at the gym.
-to have a mega-church to have to work sacrificially.
-to be wealth, sacrifice in obeying God, in giving, working, tithing, wisdom, thinking and much more!

To move to the next level you cannot just be like any other person. When God wanted to win the entire world, He sacrificed Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice.

For a seed to grow it first has to die. It is unfortunate the heathens have understood this principle more than believers. Many years ago we heard stories of successful business people who did so by sacrificing human beings- kudambura musoro/decapitation. We are not allowed to do so by God but the law of sacrifice still is in motion. God expects us to dambura musoro/decapitate/sacrifice our time, lives, money, resources, skills, gifts,and all for the Kingdom of God NOT PEOPLE! When we sacrifice for God, prosperity is sure to come our way.

The greatest negative example of how sacrifices work is in 2 Kings 3:24-27. The king of Moab saw he could not overcome Israel so took 700 professional swordsmen but they failed. After that he took his son and sacrificed him and there was indignation against Israel and he became free. What 700 men failed to do, 1 sacrifice did.
When 700 fail you, try sacrificing!

In order to move to the next level, to dambura hurombo, dambura musoro/decapitate(sacrifice).

Love you!

Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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