Succesful Marriages: Creating A Formidable Partnership In Marriage

When God said in Genesis 2:18 that He made the wife a "help-meet" to her husband, He didn't mean she was inferior to him, useless, senseless, or brainless (like many people believe), but a veritable partner in progress to him, that is, a co-achiever with him. 

In marriage, headship means LEADERSHIP not LORDSHIP. Marriage is a union of a lifetime partnership between the husband and the wife.
By Coach Joshua

If we must truly understand the workings of marriage as a formidable partnership, we must understand the workings of the Holy Trinity. Trinity is the union or partnership of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each three plays a distinct role in that formidable divine partnership. That formidable partnership was first mentioned in Genesis 1:26 where they said, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness..." Trinity created was is known today as mankind.

Marriage is a place for ONENESS, not a place for competition, wars, rivalry, intimidations, threats, fights, ego massaging, boasting of accomplishments, women rights advocacy, feminism and chauvinism. It's a place of synergy, a place where greater things are achieved as part of God's purpose on earth.
Apostle Pride and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya
Marriage was designed by God to further His cause on the earth. Marriage and family is God's extension hands furthering His plans drafted before the very foundation of the world. So marriage is more about God than about ourselves. Remember the Bible says God created us for His pleasure (Revelation 4:11). So while He expects us to enjoy and have all the fun in marriage, however, we shouldn't lose touch with the very essence of our essence to please Him through our relationships and marriages.

When the husband and the wife understand the concept of a formidable partnership in marriage, they become best of friends (besties), then marriage becomes FUN to them. No friendship dimension in marriage, no fun in marriage. Period!

A lot of spouses started their journey to marriage as boyfriend and girlfriend. Many were very romantic, great orators and communicators. Many knew how to call and could call their lovers many times in a day for long minutes. Now all that have stopped because when many married they thought friendship had to stop in order to give way to the "husband and wife concept". No! In marriage the husband and the wife are primarily and still boyfriends and girlfriends. That's the only way to maintain or keep the fun going in marriage.

Yesterday, while in the company of a colleague at work, my wife called. We chatted for like 8 minutes and when we were ending the conversation I said to my wife "I love you more" and I gave her a kiss on the phone. My colleague who I had taken permission from to talk to my wife for that long, had been listening to us in amazement. When the call ended he said to me, "This man, so you still kiss your wife on the phone?". I just smiled. I have been married for some time now, and the practice of kissing ourselves either on the phone or whenever we meet hasn't died down in us. Do you know why? We still see ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. So that romance hasn't gone away.
Without wanting to sound or feel special, in my marriage through the help of God and knowledge of marriage principles for a blissful and romantic marriage, my wife and I have fostered a great understanding over the years. We started it during courtship, and now that we are married, we are simply taking it to higher levels through the grace of God. Romance to us is a lifestyle, not just when we want to make love. Romance is not sex but an atmosphere that spouses create in their marriage and home where love is pushed to its very limits. That understanding has robbed off on every aspect of our marriage, including the "mighty family finance". We carry out projects together. No shady deals, no distrust, no dishonesty, no secrets. Because it's our marriage, our thing, and we are committed to it.

Friends, we are not super humans or superheroes. Needless to say that we're imperfect beings. Our marriage isn't working because we are perfect, but because we have child-like hearts, hearts that are ready and willing to comply with God's word regarding marriage. Marriage is not where we show how well articulated and polished our English is. It's not where to display our professorial intelligence. It's not where we exhibit our educational qualifications. It's definitely not where we boast about our professional accomplishments and laurels. It's a place for the meek, the humble, the friends, the partners or if you want the "mumu"  and not for the "over sabi".

The question is: have you created a formidable partnership in your marriage? Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing.

See you at the top!

Your friend,

Coach Joshua

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