Spiritual Attack Against A Servant Of God, Apostle Pride Sibiya - The Headless Chickens (Part 2)

As we continued with the work of God's ministry in those early days, I thought since we had overcome the spirits of the area, the territorial powers it meant all was done.

We were shocked by another attack. At our small backyard, my mother kept about 50 chickens just to subsidize on protein in our meals. One night as we slept the same people I had initially seen in the night vision who were responsible forces of darkness bewitching our area came back.

This time they came for the fowl run and God allowed them to breach his security over me to show me that I was still in warfare and needed to fight.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
They took the chicken almost 45 of them and slew each of them. After this, they took all of the heads and left the bodies! Wow! If it had been that they were thieves or wanted meat they could have taken the bodies and left the heads. However, since theirs was a ritual to destroy the head of the house(my father had died in 1991 and African culture promotes the first son to be the father) and the head of Glory Ministries they did the unthinkable.
Obviously, later we got the chickens back. This is how it happened. God told me that the phased out, unused and forgotten Zimbabwe currency coins would be used again. I picked the coins that people were throwing away for about 2 years. Even church people gave me the coins because they "knew" it would never happen. One day, the then Governor of the Reserve Bank declared that the coins would be buying again for a season. I gave them all to my mother and she bought more chickens than we had lost.

My friends Satan cannot stand someone who is in the will of God. He will taunt and attack you from every direction. However, God will always stand by you and fight for you and restore everything to you.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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