Singles: MaSingle Huyai Titonamata Hedu Zviite

As a single person there is nothing that holds you from prayer, we are called to pray for every situation and we are assured to get answers.

Nothing is impossible when we pray.  Remember when Elijah was sent by God to the widow of Zerapath, he asked her to prepare a pancake for him and she replied that she was left with only a  handful of flour and a little oil that was enough for her and her son that they would eat and die.

Hey hey my brothers and sisters, God sends our answers that are lasting and not temporary. Read 1 Kings 17:8-16.
Tea in bed
You were anticipating that it's now over, you are done with, you are finished but if you pray God says it not over not unless it's over with Him.

God is waiting for our voice in prayer, wake up my brother wake up my sister.

Warareiko izvo zvakadai, fees hauna, uri roja, unofamba neHonda foot, you are a degreed person but you selling airtime by the corner of the street, vana vako vari kufoira, vana vari kuita ma drug addicts, uri kuita madzikirira nemaskati ese, vapana arikutombokanda shoko kana aka anenve Ari murume wemunhu, wese wawada atori ini a fruitful relationship, business rakadonha, jobless, nhamo yauinayo iyo, une bhutsu 2 yeku left neye kuright,   ko kugaro pomerwa dzausina kuita, iyo minyama, nezera rako uchingori single, iwe wotorara kunge wakapedza nazvo.

Muka musingle muka. Huya tinamate that we may never run in the Lord.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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