Single Life: 3 Mistakes Single Ladies Frequently Make

Although we learn from mistakes, we should always have it in mind that some mistakes could ruin our lives.

It is always good to avoid mistakes than to make them for the sake of learning.

To the single women, here are 3 big mistakes you often make;

1. Thinking happiness only comes with relationships
This is actually not right. Happiness does not come with relationships, it comes from the inside of you and you choose to be happy or sad.
You can live a happy or sad life depending on the kind of mindset that you have and the expectations you have in life.
Do not let it sink in your mind that you'd be happy only when you find some man to love you. It's not always the case.

2. Ignoring good men
Some women are single because they ignore good men. I use 'good' because no man is perfect.
Some expect to find men with 99 percent of the qualities they prefer which is never practical and by this they lose a lot of good men in the name of 'he is not the kind I need'.

3. Pressuring a man to fall in love
Love comes slow, love is cultured and it is not a thing to be forced to grow.
Some women are single because they pressure the men to fall in love with them which is not the right thing to do.
Do not ask a man you just met questions regarding marriage. It's too soon an you need to give it time.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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