Relationships: 5 Questions That Really Annoy Women

The saying that men are from Mars and men are from Venus is a funny but true demonstration of how different the thinking patterns can be between the two genders. 

These 5 questions, while seemingly harmless, have the potential to irritate any women when coming from their male counterparts.

So what do the following questions mean to women?

Written By Ziqqy Nkosi

1. Are you going to be much longer? She hears: Here I am sitting on my backside waiting in the car, while you are packing the baby’s bag, sorting out the dog, wrapping the birthday present, dealing with YOUR mother’s phone call, setting the alarm and locking the house. What is taking you so long?

Why does this question irritate women?

This question reveals your partner’s complete lack of understanding about what it takes to get ready to go on the road. This is what makes women angry. Leave it to the man in your life, and none of these things will be done properly.
Lady cries
2. Don’t you think you should start running again? She hears: You are getting fat and I think it is because you are not getting enough exercise. Gain weight and I am out of here.

Why does this question irritate women?

It makes them feel that they are being prescribed to in how they should look. Men just don’t understand that many women deal with baby blues or the difficult boss by eating.

3. What’s for supper? She hears: Your place is in the kitchen. I don’t care if you work a full day as I do, supper is your responsibility and I am hungry.

Why does this question irritate women?

It makes them feel as if most household responsibilities is still theirs, even if they work full-time.

4. What was your previous boyfriend like? She hears: I really want to hear that he was a royal jerk, useless in bed, couldn’t hold down a job and disliked by all your family and friends.

Why does this question irritate women?

It makes them feel cornered – previous boyfriends are actually private territory and have nothing to do with present relationships. Men often react as if they are somehow being excluded and as if the woman has something to hide.

5. Who was that you were talking to? She hears: I don’t trust you. I don’t like you talking to other men. You’re mine, mine, mine and don’t you forget it. How much did that smile really mean?

Why does this question irritate women? It makes them feel as if they are being treated like possessions and not human beings. Everyone needs friends and women certainly do not want to sleep with every man they smile at.

These questions should be avoided by men, especially in high-pressure situations where you do not want your lady to bite your head off.

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