Relationships: 4 Things Women Find Attractive In Men

Dear men, I am exclusively handing you the greatest gift of all. Ways to a woman’s heart.

They say women are complicated, but I greatly differ with that….considering men make women complicated in the first place. However when it comes to ow women pick our men, its really simple. Just a couple of things that fill the list and we’re good to go. Some are pretty obvious, it goes both ways.

1. Cologne/ Body Odour: Now I cannot emphasize this enough. The first thing a woman will automatically notice is how you smell. We know that men naturally have very strong body smell, we get it.

But that’s what colognes are for ain’t it? It’s proven that women have a higher sense of smell than men, and thus it’s one of the most crucial things to keep in mind. A good cologne would do the trick.

The type of cologne matters too; could be the musky completely male cologne or the sexy spicy one. Whichever one you pick, it will definitely get our attention.
 Things Women Find Attractive In Men
2. Mouth Odour: Now this goes without saying. One of the biggest turns offs for a woman from a man is having bad breath. Now, it could be because of medical reasons, but one could always make an effort to try and curb it.

3. The sense of Humour: To all the men out there, just a quick tip for ya. The quickest way to girl’s sol is through her laugh. Make her laugh, and trust me she’s already hooked to you. 100% guaranteed
4. The sense of Style: Now, ladies are known to be quite extravagant with their dressing. It would only be natural for us to want someone who gets our sense and urgency of style. Be it matching the shoes and belt, the way you carry yourself, your colour co-ordination…. Style goes a long way.

What do you think? Anything I’ve missed out?? 

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