Relationships: Can Any Man Be Trusted?

Ladies, if a man is not following God, he isn't fit to lead. If he doesn't have a relationship with God, he won't know how to have a good relationship with you.

The devil in form of Man is looking for Who to destroy, Beware. A man will always be a man, they may want to take advantage of you be wise, but not all men are wicked and desperate for se*. Hmmmmmm there are also wicked women too.

A guy once told me of how he pursued a lady for three years just to have se* with her. I meditated on the issue, and I deduced two facts.
Men as cheaters
1. If some guys pursue their dreams and be persistent with it the way they pursue women to have sex with them, in the next three years, they'll be greater than their imagination.

If you use your brain the way you use your dick, maybe by now you will be dinning with governors and presidents.

2. Because a man waits so long to win your heart doesn't mean he is the right man. The devil is also a patient devil, he never gives up until he achieves his mischievous plans.

Think about this. Dear Ladies don't be desperate, in an ungodly way, to have a man. Not every man who approaches you is actually ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage. Many are only seeking for fornication partners to keep them busy till their life partners turn up. Don't let societal pressure push you into scam relationships.

You won't have to lie to him about your circumstances, all you need to do is be still and wait on God. Ladies The man God has in store for you is just for you. You won't have to beg for his attention. You won't have to steal him from another woman. You won't have to sleep with him to keep him..This is so true

In addition Being beautiful doesn't make a Man faithful. In fact, to tell the truth about it, being a Good Woman doesn't even guarantee a Man will be faithful. The only thing that makes a Man faithful is that Man's character; that Man's fear of God. Pray to have a Man who fears God!
But by God GRACE Those awaiting for your shame shall disappear. On your wedding day their disgrace will be a public one.


Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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