"Never Stereo-type The Girl-Child": Lady Pastor Speaks

I love share and encourage women out there  who suffer from stereotype threats. This  refers to the pressure individuals feel in the church, classroom or workplace due to perceived roles about themselves. For instance, women are sometimes stereotyped as being less capable at mathematics, which can influence the way young girls perform in their math classes. If they believe they are worse at math, they are likely to perform worse regardless of natural ability.
By Rachael Zvihwati Nyakurwa

Ladies need encouragement
If a person or employee anticipates being stereotyped, some will actively try to undermine the stereotype. For example, a female minister may fear being perceived as overly emotional by her male colleagues, so she intentionally minimizes her emotions to avoid being perceived as emotional, unfortunately, the energy she puts into combating and suppressing the stereotype also will inhibit her performance. Many stereotypes about women are both sociological and psychological, so the cycle can be tough to break. If women believe they are not capable of thinking theologically, or leading and teaching in the church effectively, that stereotype perpetuates an unfortunate cycle in which women are hesitant to even try.

If men were to tell their wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters that women can think theologically, that women should be important voices in the church, and that the church needs the contributions of these women, that message would have a tremendous, positive impact.
Man  challenge your wives and raise strong daughters!

If we want to see younger generations of women pushing themselves and using their gifts for the Kingdom of God, then we need to be doing that ourselves. Change can be slow and discouraging at times, but the more women who are out there studying, growing, and leading, the more we can expect younger women to follow our example. We are blessed to have a father who advocates for women empowerment look at mama Apostle a powerful woman of God who breathes fire in her sermons its all because a certain man believed in her and gave her a chance to prove how useful she is in the kingdom of God. If all men would follow these foot steps it is very much possible to conquer all the seven mountains of influence.

Happy women's month

God bless all and love you mom and dad.

Rachael Zvihwati Nyakurwa

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