MUST READ: “Se* Is Good, Especially When You Are Wearing.…”

GOOD TO READ BEFORE DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! God is the creator of everything and when God created everything He said that, “it is good!” Everything that God created is good. 

The trees are good, so are other plants, animals and insects even the mosquitoes are good! Even things we think are bad are not necessarily so.

We think that things are bad only when we fail to realise their purpose hence try to fit them where they were not created for. In short, without knowing the purpose of a thing, abuse becomes inevitable. If you do not know the purpose for dagga, for example, as a hair nourisher you end up putting it on a piece of paper and smoking it.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
The effects of smoking this “hair food” are adverse and when people notice these consequences, they will then go around saying that dagga is bad. No, dagga is not bad, but what is bad is the abuse of dagga which is now being used for smoking instead of human hair and other productive means. So is sex bad, after all?

Oh no sex is not bad, sex is good, sex is very good, sex is very good! Sex is a creation of God Almighty and not a creation of mankind. This qualifies that it is good and a God-given gift. In all of us is a God-given intrinsic consciousness that we should practice sex. It is like a fire in all of us that yearns to express itself. It is the doing of God and is good to us. Sex is good...but...Why the “but”?
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The “but” or the issue comes up when we start to look at sex from the facet of its purpose and the norms that govern it. If we do not know the purpose of sex and the norms around it then people will look at sex and think it is bad. With this in mind, we must look at a few things around sex. Earlier on, I alluded to the fact that “sex is like a fire.” Fire, like sex, is good and has been a friend of man ever since history. When a fire is in its place, called the fire-place, it provides warmth for the family.

However, when you take it to your blankets the same “warm” fire can, literally, burn a whole household leaving the same family in much colder.

That is the fire called sex for you! Sex in its rightful place is good! Sex in the rightful place, called holy matrimony or proper married life, can warm up a marriage and family bringing joy and growth to it. The same “good sex” when taken outside its rightful place, as in pre-marital or extra-marital sex, can trail along a host of chaotic issues that destroy the family unit.

In short, sex is good ... within the confines of marriage, as we respect its purpose. When taken outside these boundaries, as two unmarried people (fornication) or as two married people (adultery) then the mess begins and all will think that sex is bad in its purpose and boundaries is just so good!

Let me put it this way, “…sex is good especially when wearing ... your spouse’s wedding ring!” The next step then would be to look at the purpose of sex. However, before we go on further let us look at what sex is so that we are all knowledgeable about what we are talking about.

Sex here may be used to refer to one's gender as in denoting whether one is male or female. A number of other meanings can be noted but for this discussion, sex will, mostly, be used to denote the action which is commonly referred to as sexual intercourse.
Definitions of this vary but this action may be, the uniting of sexual organs involving the insertion of the male penis into the female vagina which may lead to the release of semen which contains sperm.

There may also be what we call, oral sex, which has to do with sexual organs and the mouth only.

Obviously, this definition nowadays needs to be stretched because some are having homosexual or lesbian relations and so may not include all of these organs.

Whatever definition we choose to accept, whatever we agree to disagree to agree to disagree…we all meet at the point that sex is good…and a desirable thing!

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