MUST READ: The Law Of Concentration: Apostle Pride Sibiya

Sometimes in life we do not get the results we desire from our varied endevours. One of the reason why, is not respecting what I have termed, the law of concentration.

There are times we try to do lots of things and end up with success in nothing. Sometimes you just need to concentrate on one things and do others as secondary. The law is, "whatever you concentrate on, you enlarge!"

Written By Apostle Pride Sibiya
A pastor who started a ministry had virtually no success. I asked him about his lifestyle and realised he would preach on Sunday, forget about church the whole week, then remember it on Sunday mornings.

He also constantly, was attending conference after conference of various ministries and spending time on travel more than his ministry.
Concentrate and magnify
I explained this law to him as I want to, to you: the sun appears on the earth and in its nature brings light and heat.

The heat, however, is not sufficient to cause fires on the earth of its own strength. However we take a magnifying glass and force the rays of the sun to be CONCENTRATED at one place for a few minutes, the paper lights up without any lighter...thus the power of concentration. The pastor's church is growing.
Concentrate on what God has called you to do in whatever domain! Today concentrate on your vision, your marriage, your business, your school-work, your ministry, your church, your work! You are born for this thing and you shall prosper!


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