Must Read: Even Baboons And Monkeys Laugh At The Human Race

Baboons were heard arguing while just seated around; one big one which had just graduated from a Human University, "did you actually say Human beings evolved from us?” asked one she baboon.

"Yes that's the theory they believe in. They say we behave more like them. It’s only that they are at an advanced stage than us", explain the graduate.

"No - no – no, it can't be! These people throw their newly born babies into pit latrines, manholes, or crush its skull before throwing the dead babies into dams. How many weeks do we carry our dead young hoping one day it might breathe?”

"Two weeks", answered the graduate.
Monkey Holding Dead Child

"Until it starts smelling that's when we bury the dead one. How come we are likened to this heartless generation? No they did not come from us. Go and tell them the truth!”

"She is right," said one male elderly baboon. "I had from their radio that senior males force young ones to sleep with them".

The whole group was astonished. "How can I sleep with a toddler", interjected one middle aged baboon. No not possible".

“I had their male make love to male too", continued the senior.
The whole clan fell on backs in laughter! They all protested at the same time, " No they did not come from us, we are more civilised that them. Their theory is wrong; go tell them to trace their history well".

Good people this was not our original purpose and postition in Genesis 1:26. Sin has mage us to be worse than animals! We have loss the value and sanctity of life, marriage, family and the fear of God!

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