Must Read: 7 Signs Of A Controlling Wife

A lot of women love to have control in a relationship and they could cause chaos in the relationship if they don’t have control. 

Being in a relationship with an over-domineering woman is rarely easy, and her antics would leave you most times in defence of yourself. Have you been in a relationship with a controlling woman? Below are some signs of a woman who’s controlling and over-domineering.

1. SHE’S ALWAYS RIGHT: To a controlling woman, the way she sees things is a perfect way and how she does things is the right way. Only what she wants and only what she does is the perfect and right way. To a controlling woman, she’s always right in her judgement and action and anyone who opposes her is wrong. Any woman who exhibits this sign 90% to 100% of the time is a controlling woman.

2. SHE ALWAYS WANTS THINGS HER WAY: Just as the first tip points out that a controlling woman wants to be right at all times, she also always wants things her way all the time. A controlling woman cannot feel comfortable when things aren’t done her way; she reacts strongly when things aren’t done her way.

3. SHE GETS ANGRY WHEN THINGS AREN’T DONE HER WAY: An average woman might remain calm when things aren’t done her way, but never the controlling woman. The controlling woman would always let out an angry reaction when things aren’t done her way.

She isn’t used to not getting her demands and she reacts strongly when those demands aren’t met.
Controlling wife
4. SHE ALSO CONTROLS THE SEX: A controlling woman also loves to dominate the sexual aspect of the relationship. She loves to dictate when, how and when not to have sex; she dictates how and how not to have sex and she most times withhold sex for no reason, probably other than to be in control.

5. SHE’S UNPREDICTABLE: The over-domineering woman is unpredictable but not in a good way. She might react well to a certain situation positively today and react the opposite way to the exact same situation on another day. Her unpredictability would leave the man mostly confused on what and what not to do.

6. HER LOVE IS TOUGH: The controlling woman is a perfect example of tough love. The love she lets out is tough in the sense that she doesn’t only want things her way all the time, but she also demands certain tough things like 100 percent attention, she has multiple and even countless needs and she’s very difficult to please. Understanding her is a hard situation and loving her is even harder.

7. SHE EVEN TRIES TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS: The domineering woman makes her own decisions, the relationship decisions and even the decisions of the man. She wants to keep tab of his every action and even wants to sketch out his own path by being decisive for him.

The reason she acts this way is that she believes she’s always right and for that reason wants to make the right decisions for her man as well.

Are you in a relationship and you always want it your own way receive sense, you can't always have everything your ways in a relationship its demonic to think so.

Have you been in a relationship with a controlling woman? How was your experience with her?

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