MUST READ: 4 Foolish Things Men Do When They Fall In Love

Hello, ladies and gentlemen out there. Love is a wonderful thing for all of us. apostle Pride Sibiya says, "When you get into love, get in with all of your heart, but also remember to take your whole mind or brain with you!" 

Here are a few things men, and many times, women, do when they fall in love with their heart alone:
Adult Amusement
1. Denying Family And Friends: No matter what your family background is, you should be proud of your family. It makes no sense to deny your family and friends just because you want a lady who might dump you one day for another man.

2. Borrowing Money To Satisfy Her: Why would you borrow money to buy her things you can't afford? You just need to cut your coat according to your cloth. If you can’t afford it, let her know. How long are you going to keep borrowing to buy her things she probably doesn’t need just to make her feel happy?

3. Swearing To A Blood Oath: Why would you take an oath? If you really love her and want to be with her forever, take her to the altar and make promises you can fulfil. Many people have had to go for deliverance to break such oaths. Some others are still suffering the consequences of blood oaths they made years ago.
4. Telling Lies: Why would you lie about things you don’t own all because you want her love? If she’s willing to stay, she will; so stick to the truth. He who permits himself to lie once finds it much easier to do it a second and third time till it becomes habitual.

There’s an adage that says love is blind, but that doesn’t mean lovers should be blind too. Use your brain wisely and be smart in a relationship.

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