Ministry: Pastors Wives Should Respect Their Members

If you as a pastor allow your wife to treat the women anyhow, you will close down that church. If she has no ability to regard those that are senior to her, then that woman does not deserve to be respected by those people. The fact that you are called “Mummy of the Church” does not now make you unable to respect elderly women in the church. its a privilege. It’s not a right in anyway.
By Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche.
Dr Becky Eneche
No Pastor’s wife should have any clique or group of women or one woman that can be identified as “Mummy’s Closest Friend”. There should be no such person. What is the danger of that? It’s not that you don’t want to have someone to confide in or talk to, or follow you around,
the risk of it is if one person is the only person that is identified as Mummy’s personal person, you have pushed away everybody else. As a pastor’s wife, you should have the ability to relate with everybody across board. Old, young middle. Poor, rich, any class.

A pastor’s wife must be very careful about talking. Don’t allow somebody to  come to you for counselling and tomorrow they hear the counselling matter from the altar. DON’T BE A FOCUS OR AN OBJECT OF GOSSIP. That is lack of integrity. Anything that is told to you is told to you in confidence. These are issues that must be very carefully attended to.

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