Men Only: 15 Urgent Things Men Must Know About Treating Their Wives

Hello guys. Apostle Pride Sibiya here in Africa. Got a few tips from a friend that I expanded on concerning our soul-mates. Here they are:

1. Attention.
Give her a lot of it. She wants it from you and you only. If you don't she'll lose interest and best believe another guy is always willing to give it to her.

2. Reassurance.
Always remind her that you love her and that you'll always be there for her. Also let her know you are hers alone and nobody else's.

3. Respect.
Treat her like a lady. Don't talk to her as if she's one of your boys. The way you treat her and random people should differ.

4. Security.
She should feel safe with you. Don't let her walk alone-escort her instead. Make sure that she's fine. Let her know she can rely on you.

5. Listen.
Show interest even if you not in the mood. Let her share her thoughts. If she can't talk to you then who is she supposed to talk to??

6. Treat her right.
You don't have to be the richest! Little things like cooking for her, flowers & sweet texts could do.

Apostle pride Sibiya and Mama Anna Tendayi Sibiya
7. Communicate.
Text & call her whenever you can - no matter how busy try make time for her.  Don't leave her in the dark in terms of your plans.

8. Patience.
She may take time to open up when she's upset but she'll eventually warm and tell you everything. Don't flip on her, just let her know that things will be okay.

9. Sexual satisfaction.
Don't be that "bust a nut & roll over" type of guy. Maximize on the foreplay, & make sure that she gets satisfied too.

10. Affection.
Give her kisses, on the lips, neck and forehead. Hugs from the back, cuddle, tell her how much you love her and remind her that she's beautiful.

11. Faithfulness.
Be the reason why she doesn't believe that "ALL MEN ARE TRASH!" Don't make her be that girl everyone knows is being cheated on.

12. Growth.
Always strive to be and do better - she will motivate you. Even if you don't have everything she will be patient until you do.

13. FOOD!
A well fed girl is a happy girl. Here's a secret, if she's mad at you just offer to talk about it over some food-she'll loosen up.

14. Happiness.
Make her forget about all the problems in her life when she's with you. Do best to keep a smile on her face all the time.

15. Acceptance.
Accept her wholeheartedly! Her flaws, shape, size and all. It take a lot for women to be comfortable with a man - don't take it for granted.

And girls, I am tired of questions like, variko here varume vakadai(any men like these), just respect and honour your hubby, pray for him and let him learn from others who know God! Never compare your spouse.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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