Men: Are You 30 And Below? Let's Talk

The age of 30 is the time when real manhood knocks. As a man who is of this age or approaching this age, there are certain things you should prepare yourself to know. Before you get to this age, here are three vital things you should have in your head;

1. Business is better than education
Education is good for you and the society, but business is better placed - this is pure fact.
You have your degree, masters and probably looking ahead to pursue your PhD, but have it in mind that a business could do for you even as you advance your studies.
Establish one or two, then go ahead with your books.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
2. Rushing into marriage is not a good solution
Marriage should not be taken lightly, and therefore you should not rush into.
Take your time before you marry, get some advice, find the right woman; one who matches at least 80 per cent of your expectations.
Prepare yourself financially and emotionally if at all you need a happy marriage.

3. Finding a good wife means good life
You have to understand that a wrong woman can undo every achievement you have made in life.
Therefore, it is advisable that you carefully select a WOMAN out of the many women around you.
Remember choosing the right woman can be hard and challenging.

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