Marriage Read: 6 Foolish Habits Of Baby Wives

Like their male counterparts, many married women are found with one or more of these habits.

1. Nagging. Using abusive words, fighting your husband or being a nag has never helped any woman. It only helps in pushing the man out of the house. Surprisingly, I have met women who brag about their nagging lifestyle. It is bad, foolish and childish. Note: nagging is a very bad habit and it's your choice to nag or keeps quiet.

Nagging doesn't solve any problem rather it creates and highs the level of the matter.

Written By Evangel John

2. Fighting in-laws. There is no way you can separate your husband from his parents by fighting them. Don’t be deceived if your husband supports you when you fight his family. You can never separate them.
Baby Wife
3. Committing their husbands into the hands of a housemaid. Many women had lost their homes because they allowed their maids to be responsible for the welfare of their husbands. You have simply signed that marriage off. Wise women know that maids are for support and nothing more. Finito!

4. Reporting their husbands. Some women are fond of reporting their husbands to their friends, family, neighbours, whenever their expectations are not met by their husbands. You can never get the right result by making a wrong move.

5. Disrespecting their husbands. Men greatly value their ego and will easily tilt towards any woman. If you are fond of disrespecting your husband because you are angry with him, you will be the number one enemy of your marriage. The Bible commands you to respect your husband. (Ephesians 5:33)

6. Sexual denial. Most wives use sex as a weapon to fight their husbands. If you deny him at home, some women will offer it to him on a platter of gold. Be wise; don’t lose your marriage through foolishness. Satisfy your husband sexually.

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