Marriage Read: 13 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Most romance movies end with the lovers getting married and living happily ever after but I expect you to know that in the real world, just getting married doesn’t guarantee you experience a long-lasting marriage.

1. WHY AM I GETTING MARRIED? You might wonder why you should ask yourself this very simple question but answering this question honestly can stir up some much-needed truth. It’s really important you know the reason you are getting married.

2. ARE YOU BEING PRESSURED INTO GETTING MARRIED? Some people get married because a sibling or close friend just got married while some get married due to pressures from their mother and family. Mothers have this way of pressuring their kids especially the females into getting married because they think getting married is the logical thing to do after higher education.

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You have to be mentally ready to be married and you also have to be at peace with the decision of getting married.
Apostle Pride and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya
3. DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE THE RIGHT PERSON? Sometimes we are so interested in finding the right one that we forget we also have to be right for the right one too. While finding the right person is important, you also have to be the right person for your partner. It’s expected you have the qualities you search for in a partner.

4. ARE YOU EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO YOUR? When it comes to marriage, good-looks aren’t everything. Inasmuch as marriage shouldn’t be based solely on a partner’s physical appearance, it’s expected you are emotionally and physically attracted to your partner.

5. CAN I LIVE WITHOUT MY PARTNER? Answering this question honestly is also important and if your answer to this question is yes, then you shouldn’t be getting married to that person. If the thought of your spouse with someone else doesn’t bother you, you have no business getting married to that person.

6. IS YOUR PARTNER WILLING TO ACCEPT YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND ARE YOU ALSO WILLING TO DO SAME? Your partner should be willing to overlook your flaws unconditionally just as you are expected to do the same too. You shouldn’t be getting married to someone who isn’t willing to accept your flaws but instead wants to change your personality so you can become more acceptable to him or her. Marital problems begin when one tries to change his or her spouse.

7. ARE THE CONFLICTS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER UGLY AND DISRESPECTFUL? If the answer to this question is yes, then you shouldn’t be getting married to him or her. While arguing is normal in every relationship, it’s expected the arguments should be constructive and resolvable [issues]. You have no business getting married to that person if arguments are ugly and disrespectful.

Compromising and not always expecting it to go your way will ensure you have a great marriage.
8. WOULD YOU BE FAITHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY? You can’t claim you are committed to spending the rest of your life with your partner if you are not ready to be faithful and trustworthy. Do not bother getting married if you cannot be faithful.

9. WILL MY PARTNER SUPPORT MY DREAMS? Your partner should be there to encourage you through thick and thin, no matter how crazy your ambitions are. Getting married shouldn’t be the end of your dreams and aspirations.

10. ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE THE MARRIAGE WORK? What’s the point of getting married if you give up and run away when problems arise? You have to be willing to make the marriage work and your partner ought to feel the same way too.

11. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE SACRIFICES FOR YOUR PARTNER? Before you get married, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to put your partner’s needs above your wants. Are you really ready to do that? If you can’t put the needs of your future spouse before your wants, there is no point getting married to that person.

12. ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR PARTNER AND HAPPY TO ACCEPT YOUR PARTNER’S FAMILY? Are you proud to talk about your partner when with family and friends? Are you proud of your partner’s accomplishments? Are you ready to accept your partner’s family and contribute financially as a couple when the need arises? These are some pretty tough questions you need to answer. You should understand that when you marry an individual, you marry the family.

13. ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH YOUR PARTNER? Do you have a solid friendship with your partner? Friends are loyal, honest and can be trusted and for a marriage to succeed, you and your partner have to be good friends.

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