Love And Relationships: 3 Types Of Women Susceptible To Cheating

Although it is said that men cheat more than women, today the ratio is almost level. Just like men have different justifications for cheating, women too cheat for different reasons.

Here are 3 types of women who are likely to cheat.

1. The money lover: The money or gift lover is the number one on the list because most women cheat because of this 'weakness' in them. We all love money and would wish to have lots of it but for such women, they are capable of getting into other relationships just because of finances. This is the type that sleeps with any man as long as there is monetary payback.
Love And Relationships: 3 Types Of Women Susceptible To Cheating
2. The 'party animal' No party passes without her having to attend. I don't mean every woman who goes to a party is a cheat but the 'party animal' is highly likely to cheat. No weekend finds her in the house, instead, she will be out drinking and dancing with other men till morning. The drinks she takes could be sponsored by abled men who would then demand to 'take them home'.
3. The car lover: She is a car freak who believes every man with a car is cute, wealthy and worth being with. Whether the man in the car is the owner or not, they don't care about that. As long as he drives it, he is 'cool enough' to get down with.

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