Life And Love: Advice For Mature And Focused Ladies

Ladies You don’t need a perfect one, you just need someone who you can trust , who shows you that you’re the only one. 

But If your legs open faster than the Google homepage then you are not a wife material. Know your place in a man’s life and stop auditioning the wife role when you are still his girlfriend.

Written By Ubong Fr

Not every man you get caught up with has genuine interests for you. Sad enough some of you ladies think you have what it takes to change a man’s heart , Unfortunately NO.
No woman can change a man’s heart, A man has to change because he wants to change. If a man truly loves you HE isn't going to play boyfriend forever and risk losing you. Stop wasting your efforts thinking you can convince him into loving and marrying you whilst REDUCING your Standards.

Your body should NEVER be up for negotiation in attempting to be FOUND by a man. Keep it SACRED until AFTER covenant! Respect yourself and he has no choice but to do the same or get gone in the wind.

Few things you should never do just to keep a man:

1. Never lie to keep a relationship because when the truth comes out it will make a fool of you

2. Never pretend to keep a relationship because when your real character comes out it will put you to shame

3. Never use money to keep a relationship because when the money stops coming it will put pain in your heart.

4. Never use pregnancy to keep a relationship because it will put you in single motherhood

5. Never use sex to keep a relationship because when he is tired of you He will call you cheap... And dump you another one

6. Having many boyfriend (s) doesn't mean you are too BEAUTIFUL, cheap products have many buyers..
7. Looking too expensive is good, but you will be making young guy to run away from you.

 TRUE or FALSE /  (The choice is yours)

Finally in case you care to know, Marriage is turn by turn, if you are still single and you are waiting for yours, do not give up or be discouraged because your turn will come. Keep getting ready for you are about to move into the next season of your life. Your marital journey shall not end in disgrace or regrets. The Almighty will intervene and direct your footstep.

The mercy of God will deliver you from every Evil man who just wants to waste your time and your friends and colleagues will soon gather to pray and celebrate with you because you are Next in Jesus name Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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