Ladies Must Read - Respectable Ladies

As a lady you cannot decide on many things including where you were born, to whom and even you gender. 

But character, yes, its your choice. look at a few things that mark a respectable lady.

Written By Kerynz A Ayuku
1. I respect ladies who do not double-date or have many boyfriends. They deserve to be valued.

2. I really respect ladies who have only one fiancé.

3. I appreciate and respect ladies who do not opens their legs to men. I respect ladies who do not engage in premarital se!x. hahahahahah oooooooo ( some girl gonna call me idiot now )

3. I appreciate and.respect ladies who do not cohabit with a man they are not married to.

4. I respect any lady who does not depend on a man's money but she is hardworking and earn her own money without waiting for a man to buy cream for her.
Ladies Must Read - Respectable Ladies
5. I respect ladies who respect and honour their man.

6. I respect ladies who are not rude and abusive.

7. I respect a God-fearing lady.

8. I appreciate and respect ladies with brain and intelligence and good sense of reasoning.

9. I respect a virgin girl, I always adore and honour them cos not easy to keep it in this crazy world.

Those are the only types of ladies that deserve respect.
The quality of a good woman is not her big boobs...they are good but not the ultimate! Your pointed boobs and se*y shape do not make you a high quality lady. What makes you a high quality lady are: your intelligence, your ability to reason well, your brain, your good character, the way you dress decently and the way you package and respect yourself. Those are the only things that can make you earn respect from people.


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