This piece is dedicated to the freedom of a wonderful daughter somewhere on this planet. It is to a man who cannot swallow his pride to admit that you cannot do without her!

So you're mad when you found out she started dating again? But the funny thing is, you're the one who left her. You're the one who acted like you didn't want to be with her anymore. You're the one who made her feel like you're bored of her.

You're the one who made her feel like you didn't want to be around her. You're the one who made her feel like she was annoying you every time you guys talked. You're the one who made her feel like she
isn't good enough and doesn't excite you like before.
Kick Your Woman Like A Football, Watch Another Man Catch Her Like A Professional Goalkeeper!
So, what do you expect her to do? Mope around and feel sorry for herself?

Cry herself to sleep and wake up the next day feeling like shit all over again? Stop living her life while you get to enjoy your new single life? No, she wasn't going to put her life on pause while you get to keep moving forward with yours. Don't be mad while she's doing exactly what you enabled her to do.
Please love my daughter with all your heart, show her that you love her or if you are through with her, please stop shadowing her and let her go! Free her to move to her next love, lose her and bless her to succeed!

I am speaking to you!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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