Jennifer Lopez On Love: It Cost Nothing!

In J'Lo's words, "Love don't cost a thing" to some women. All that matters are the small things that you do to them.

So, men, you don't always have to break your backs trying to please your girls.

Here are little things you can do to make your girl love you, to the point of moving mountains for you. Read on and take notes:

1.Shower her with compliments
Complementing about her personality, appearance or her outfit will go a long way in terms of her loving you.

Jennifer Lopez
But you have to be genuine about it, don't just do it to please her.

You can also score a bonus by complimenting her on something that she would never expect.

So, attention to detail is very important.

2. Occasionally write her small cute notes
This may sound old school, but it works miracles.

Writing your girl cute little notes with heartfelt wordings will make her heart melt.

You don't have to have a PhD in poetry, just be real and put your real feelings into simple words.

3. Help her with house chores

Guys rarely do house chores, unless they're riding solo.

So, imagine the depth of love your girl will feel for you when she comes home and finds you have prepared dinner or done the dishes?

You can also be extra on the weekend and decide to do all the household chores just to give her a break.

4. Hold her hand when walking in public
Let the world know she is proudly yours. Let her feel like she's the only girl in the world.

This way, she will feel secure and assured that you're really into her and that you're interested in her alone.

5. Apologise to her when you're wrong
The word "sorry" is not easy to come by a man's mouth.

Therefore, you "manning" up and genuinely saying sorry when at fault will make her realise you're indifferent and love you more for such.

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