Deliverance Series: 10 Quick Notes You Must Know About Spiritual Spouses

1. Spiritual spouse is a blocking spirit, you cannot see anything good about your partner. You like them when they are away from you.  The moment they are present you hate them.

Written By Apostle Bigboy Kathumba

2. You can freeze when they want to be passionate with you. They (spirits) kill your feelings.

3. The spirit (in the form of a spiritual spouse) can visit your partner who is serious about marrying you in a dream.  They can be told in a dream " Molly is my wife, leave her alone. They can be chased or slapped in a dream.

4. In extreme where the spirit is stubborn, there are issues of dedications by family members especially bloodline or an avenging spirit or kuromba.
Spiritual spouses affect marriages
5. If one wants to play church thing and not seek their deliverance there will be non-progress and continuous torment.

6. The spirit attracts married men to your life if you are a woman and vice versa in males.

7. The spirit attracts similar friends, similar circles (inodaidzana) Birds of a feather fly together.
8. At the highest level, it attacks the Prophetic and Deliverance ministries. Remember Marine spirits block deliverance.

9. A lot of those under attack who have gone for counselling have ended up being proposed by the men of God or attracted to them.

10. This spirit besides sex and water dreams makes you be autonomous (independent-kuzvimiririra) you hear saying handinyengerere I have my passport, rich relatives.  I can leave for SA or UK.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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