Couples: What Turns Spouses Off!

Sweaty smelly unclean body.

Rough calluses on hands. Some couples feel they are being exfoliated while romancing.

Untrimmed, jagged or dirty nails. Nothing turns off faster than being touched and suddenly feeling a sharp, jagged nail or cuticle scraping across our skin. Ouch and the dirty under nails.

Dirty, smelly feet and socks.

Toenails that a filed into sharp, pointy shapes designed to  Stab your partner in the leg. Kikikikiki.
Oh no!
Dirty clothes and underwear. Your partner doesn't want to see rumpled shirts, stained pants and underwear with 2 different colors. Fire!!!

Bad-breath and dirty teeth.  Your partner is in the mood for kissing, opening their arms and embracing u passionately,  then places his mouth for a kiss ... geez ... did something ... die ... in there.  Ndiwo anonzi ma one! Kunhuwa. The breath is awful.

Rough beard, it hurts. Feels like sandpaper running over our delicate bodies. Check your beard before romance. Kwaaaaaaaaaaa. Husbands

 Partner who is pushy about wanting oral sex. Don't force your spouse's head down towards your pipi ever. Gagagaga!

What else guys

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