Church Security: An Absolute Necessity

Security must be a top priority in Church. Security of servants of God, people, their goods, cars and so on...when a person does not feel secure in church they will not come back to that church. It is not good that people lose their phone or Bible in Church, therefore we must have well trained security personnel.
By Apostle Pride Sibiya.

The starting point of security is to be anointed. The second is to love and respect people.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
The third is SUSPICION. Christians lose a lot of things because they trust everyone who says they are a Christian...Zimbabwe Republic Police (Z.R.P) never does so. People are people and many know how to cheat church people because of their good but un-discerning hearts. Do not just trust everyone who comes to church...goes to the servants of God, handles their food, cooks at church, counts the offering Stay alert and whilst others close their eyes in prayer or worship, security guys OPEN your eyes and be constantly watching what is happening.

Security is on of the basic human needs...make sure we have it in Church. This is just part of our leadership series currently happening, my desire to improve the Body of Christ in its service to the nations. Mega souls to Christ!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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