Church Growth: 6 Types Of Christians In The Church

Passing through and they only need a little help. Give them your hand.

Avid learners that will grow even if they don't advance the vision. Give them your head.

They will come to see if freedom is possible and observe others in it, but will never change enough to be free! Give them a word.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
They will come to promote, broadcast and announce all of the flaws of the house and its leaders. They will act as if they know the solution but will never mature enough to be useful . Give them a Seat! Preferably in the balcony or at the back of the church. These people talk and when spotted they will be squeezed out by prayer and unity.

Everyone that comes to your church is not sent by God. Some are on a seductive and sifting assignment from hell. They want to be close to authority and crave influence or position. They despise systems and processes and see themselves as too advanced for most training. Give them the sword!!!!

These are those that take ownership of the vision, refuse to dishonor its leaders and see their future tied to the destiny of the house. These respect the entire leadership body and are faithful when the set man is not looking or is absent! Give them your endorsement but most importantly your HEART!!!!!

Lord today I pray for sons and daughters! Touch your people. I pray for my reader to be a son and a daughter!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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