Bedroom Life: Husbands And Wives, Here's What To Do With Your Marriage Bed

The matrimonial bed is a very strategic tool in the life of a couple, it is an altar of blessing, a place of rest, relaxation, sharing (pleasure, dialogue ...), inspiration, of creating lives, etc.

So, Please:
 1. Do not make the bed a Boxing Ring to exchange blows each night with your husband or wife.

2. Do not turn your bed into Supreme Court of Justice to judge your husband or wife every night (you did this, that ...).

3. Do not make your bed a Dustbin where you just throw clothes, dirty cloths.

4. The bed is a Church where love reigns, forgiveness, fidelity, compassion, charity and happiness.

5. The bed is not a cyber cafe so that every night you lock yourself in Facebook from 21h to 3h without taking care of your husband or your wife.
Bedroom Life
6. The bed is not a Telephone booth in which you make calls during hours on the bed neglecting your husband or your wife.

7. The bed is not a Crib where we come to show the children each night to prevent the ceremonial.

8. The bed is not a Commercial Enterprise to come to make sexual strikes to punish your husband or your wife.

9. The bed is not the UN Security Council so that you come to impose unjust sexual sanctions and embargoes on your husband or your wife.

10. The bed is not a Morgue for you to remain in.
11. The bed is not altered for intercession 24/7.

12. The bed is not studied room for a spiritual degree where books replace blankets all over.

14. The bed is not winter season where you put on jackets, jeans and all manners of warmers.

15 - The bed is not a food store/hotel etc.

Long live the Conjugal Bed...Long live at the wedding!

 May the Lord Jesus Christ be in control of your union!

"Let marriage be honored by all, and the marriage bed undefiled, for God will judge immorality and adulteresses" (Hebrews 13: 4)

God bless you!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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