12 Characteristics Of Poor People

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THERE are easy and quick-to-recognize signs that help us know if we are heading downward in our quest for financial uplift or destined to remain poor.

Here are 12 common characteristics of poor people.

They lack financial discipline
Most people do not realize that the only way to financially prosperity is discipline. It does not matter how much you make from your job, if you are indiscipline with your finances you’ll also remain poor and even in-debt. You should be able to save some parts of your salaries and income and discipline yourself on your spending. The 2008 economic meltdown for instance was as the result of financial indiscipline on the parts of bankers. Simply put, nobody will succeed and be rich if they’re financial indiscipline.

They never learn new things
They say the only constant in life is change and that means that you should be ready to learn new things every day. It’s best to educate yourself on financial matters when the opportunity avails itself. This will help you in the long run and you would not have struggle with money in the future. You should always remember that formal education will make you a living while self-education will make a fortune for you.

They give up easily
Winners and the most successful people in life have one thing in common, they never quit. A lot of people do not have the mental capacity and dexterity to withstand pressure. If you are someone who gives up easily then you’re bound to live the rest of your life in the world of poverty. Work with dedication and persistence so you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

They are always looking for get-rich schemes
All that glitters is not gold and the earlier you take this advice, the better it’ll be for you. A lot of people have remained poor because of their own greed. Instead of working hard or investing their cash into reliable schemes, they’ll rather opt for get-rich-schemes which are mostly fallacious. Others spend all their time on lottery and gambling, which only lead them to bankruptcy. There’s no way you’ll become rich if you continue these habits.

They keep blaming others for their situation
Some people will never accept their wrong even if the evidence is plain for everyone to see. Blaming everyone around you except yourself for your troubles will only make matters worse. Leave the witch, demons, family, bosses and government alone, rather learn from your mistakes and work hard in order to achieve your goals

Spending time with the wrong people
Psychologists say that a person is the average of the five people they spend the most time with which means if 5 of your very close friends are poor or lazy then you are the sixth lazy person. The Bible even says in Proverbs 13:20 that you are the company you keep, this means the people around you are a perfection description of who you are.
If you want to be rich spend time with hardworking, positive people or people who have made it in life. They are practical lessons, motivations and the way they share in your dreams will help you become rich

They are afraid of beginning something new
We all have fears and that’s a fact even though most of us act all brave and strong. But if you fail to manage your fears, you’ll find yourself remaining poor for the rest of your life. You need to risk a lot if you want to become successful. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the richest computer scientists in the world, quit school to start the companies they run now and this wouldn’t have happened if they gave into their fears.

They cannot control their greed
Greedy people always end up poor and this because this unhealthy addiction does not allow you think straight and analyse issues concerning your finances and the needs of others. Greedy people only care about themselves and what they need so in trying to get all that, they end up losing everything. It’s best to control your greed by setting up financial goals so you will know how much to invest in your dreams.

They have no goals
When you dream, dream big and it should be as big as the ocean. The government does not tax or arrest anyone for dreaming, so do it big. You must have goals that are big enough to scare you especially if you want to become rich. Don’t stay within you comfort zones because nothing great ever grows in that zone. If you want big things to happen in your life, then pursue goals that seem impossible to achieve. In testing your limits, you will discover that you are capable of more things that you thought you couldn’t do

Lacking focus
You cannot succeed in life if you don’t have focus and that’s the bitter reality. Going through life without a goal or a sense of purpose, is technically like committing suicide. Behind every great success story is a focus man or woman who wasn’t fazed by their surroundings and persevered till they achieved what the want. Some call it an insatiable hunger for success and without focus you’ll continue being poor.

They are always seeking for miracles to happen
It is good to believe in miracles but God won’t do a miracle in your life when all that is needed is common sense. Most people believe so much in miracles and would not mind going from one church to the other to seek for that miracle instead of putting their dreams into practice. In case you have forgotten the Bible says that heaven helps those who help themselves. Pray for your miracles but do not be lazy or stop working or improve your education while you wait for it

They are too proud to ask for help.
Most poor people will rather suffer than seek assistance from others. They refuse to ask for help even when in dire need of it. Achieving financial freedom is a long and difficult journey, but it becomes easier when you have role models and mentors guiding you.

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