Wisdom: Wadya Here?-Have You Eaten?

When we were in Form 4 there was this talkative guy who was an in Form 6, let us call him Zororo (this is a hint to his name). 

If I remember well he was the journalist in the school magazine. If he was to pursue a career in journalism he would be the top dog in that field by now. Like me he was a day scholar.

By Grad Zimuya
One day he had an argument with another guy let us call him Kevin S a boarder who was a quite a guy. Kevin S then told Zororo that he was going to beat him up. Obviously Zororo being the talkative one replied "You can't beat me. Wadla here? (Have you eaten)". That was the catalyst to one of the greatest fights I have ever witnessed.
School folk
Since the journalist was fighting no one was there to get the finer details and since I was not so good in English the summary of the fight is Zororo was butchered. I had never seen a fight where someone would bleed from every part of the face. The fight only stopped when Zororo surrendered which was all against his pride and ego.

Since it was close to exam time he could only miss school for just a day but had to come in shades for about 2 weeks as he was healing. 'Wadla here' became the phrase of the year ever since that day.

1. The devil is like a roaring lion so he will always challenge you.
2. He will make fun of your eating but if you are well fed in the Word you will butcher him home and away.
3. Jesus made a public spectacle of the devil so you need to emphasise that today by defeating him.
4. Child of God eat and defeat the devil. — with the Word

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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