Spiritual Husbands Deliverance: Do This To Start Overcoming Spiritual Husbands And Wives

Sons and daughters, it is my greatest prayer that you overcome these demonic powers and enjoy your life, relationships and marriages. I am praying for you, please do pray as well. 

Always start by knowing that Jesus Christ already overcame these spirits and it is now just for you to enforce this victory in your life:

- Give your heart to the Lord God, not negotiable.

- Repent from all inherited and personal sins.

- Break every soul ties with all spirit spouses.

- Pray aggressively against their activities in your life, set ablaze their marriage rings, certificates, wedding garments and children, etc.

- Receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, not negotiable.

- Determine to live holy, not negotiable.

- Make Your Bible your best friend by constantly studying and meditating.

- Add fasting to your prayers.

- Start doing something in your local church and be dedicated and loyal to the cause of Christ.

- Go for deliverance, ask your pastor about deliverance and teaching.
Spiritual Husbands Deliverance: Do This To Start Overcoming Spiritual Husbands And Wives

Prayer: Father Lord, I thank You for revealing this deep secret to me, in Jesus Name. Blood of Jesus, fire of God, incubate my life now in Jesus name. My foundation, release my destiny by fire, in the name of Jesus. Powers molesting me in the night, crumble in Jesus name. I divorce every spiritual spouse in Jesus name. I break every power of evil dedication operating in my life, in Jesus name. Fires of God, consume every wedding ring, certificate, garment, and children I had with spirit spouse, in Jesus Name. Oh Heavenly Father, fight for me now, in Jesus Name. Anything linking me with a spirit spouse, be destroyed in Jesus Name. Family familiar spirits, troubling my marriage be buried alive in Jesus Name. Hands of Almighty God, deliver me from the powers that vowed to destroy me, in Jesus Name. I recover every good thing stolen by a spiritual spouse, in Jesus Name.

Adopted By Apostle P. Sibiya From - Pastor Samuel Williams

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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